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  Moving, Storage and Delivery Businesses

This industry ranges from package delivery companies, to storage unit complexes.

A moving company, as an example, will invest in one or more trucks large enough to accommodate the needs of your intended jobs. Depending on the scale of your business, will you hire a staff of mechanics to maintain the trucks in-house or send the work out. Determine the needs of running the office as far as staffing requirements. Prepare to invest in the necessary equipment to outfit the truck with proper moving gear such as ramp, dollies, packing blankets, etc.

A storage unit business will require maintenance on the buildings/units. Are there many apartment complexes in the area. Apartment or condo dwellers are always short on storage space and this would be an indicator for the need of such a service.

These are just a couple of examples of moving and storage companies. As with any business, do your research, and contact a business broker who will provide invaluable advice and assistance.